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BarnOwl 1.9 release notes


  • release-notes/1.9

    v1 v1  
     2The BarnOwl developers are pleased to announce the release of BarnOwl
     3version 1.9.
     5It has been installed in the barnowl Athena locker for squeeze, wheezy,
     6lucid, and precise.  You also can download it from the website [1] or get
     7the source from GitHub [2].  BarnOwl 1.9 contains various bug fixes and
     8new features, including:
     10• Facebook module.
     12• The default config file has been renamed to ~/.owl/  (The old
     13names ~/.barnowlconf and ~/.owlconf are still supported.)
     15• The terminal cursor is hidden when BarnOwl is not expecting textual
     18• zsender has been fixed to work correctly with cross-realm classes.
     20• Outgoing zephyrs are now explicitly marked as UTF-8.
     22• The Zephyr default format has been replaced with a short pointer to
     25• :info now correctly displays multiline Zephyr fields and time zones.
     27• zcrypt startup speed has been improved.
     29• A crash on failure to launch zcrypt has been fixed.
     31The full Changelog is available online [3].
     33Thank you for using BarnOwl, and we hope you enjoy the new release.  As
     34usual, any bug reports, questions, or feature requests can be directed to
     35the developers at <>.
     37Anders Kaseorg
     38for the BarnOwl developers