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Encrypted Zephyr classes

BarnOwl contains support for encrypting traffic to Zephyr classes, based on a modified version of the zcrypt program by Philip Lisiecki.

Using zcrypt

If the zcrypt variable in BarnOwl is enabled (as it is by default), BarnOwl will automatically attempt to decrypt zephyrs received with the opcode crypt.

To send encrypted zephyrs, use the zcrypt command, which behaves identically to the zwrite command, except that it encrypts the bodies of outgoing zephyrs.

If you want to add a keybinding like z (which starts a zwrite command) for encrypted zephyrs, you can run the following command:

  startup bindkey recv C command start-command zcrypt 

(Note the presence of a trailing space after 'zcrypt'.)

BarnOwl will automatically use the zcrypt command to reply to zephyrs received with the opcode crypt.

The zcrypt key file

In order to determine the key to use to encrypt zephyrs, BarnOwl uses the file "$HOME/.crypt-table". This table contains class-level and instance-level key file information. The file may also contain a default key file for all classes/instances that have no key file explicitly defined. Note that an entry with the instance defined takes precendence over one without the class. Here is a sample .crypt-table:

     crypt-xxx: AES: /afs/athena/user/n/e/nelhage/keys/key-xxx
     crypt-yyy: /afs/athena/user/n/e/nelhage/keys/key-yyy
     crypt-yyy-123: /tmp/yyy123.key
     crypt-default: /afs/athena/user/n/e/nelhage/Public/testkey

This .crypt-table will use keys/key-xxx for class xxx, using AES encryption via GPG.

Class yyy will use the key-yyy key, unless the instance is "123", in which case, the key file will be "/tmp/yyy123.key". If none of these conditions are met, zcrypt will use the default key file, Public/testkey.

AES encryption

By default, for backwards-compatibility, BarnOwl encrypts messages using the DES encryption algorithm in ECB mode. This is an extremely weak cipher, and should not be considered resistant to any sort of dedicated attack.

As of BarnOwl 1.6, BarnOwl supports encrypting messages using GPG and the modern AES cryptosystem. To enable this mode, prefix a keyfile with the string AES: in the .crypt-table file. This will cause BarnOwl to shell out to GPG for encryption, using the contents of the file as the passphrase.


If BarnOwl fails to send or receive encrypted messages, you can use the :show errors command to view the output of the zcrypt command, which will often contain more information about what went wrong.

The zcrypt binary

The BarnOwl distribution and locker contain a zcrypt program with is backwards-compatible with Philip Lisiecki's, but supports the AES encryption feature described above. This program can be used by other scripts or zephyr clients to encrypt and decrypt messages.