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Updated intro.txt and advanced.txt documents (still in progress).
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    336336     owl::command("set zsigproc \"/mit/kretch/bin/getzsig foo\"");
    338 will set the owl variable zsigproc.  Note that commands will currently
    339 be executed in order after the called configuration subroutine exits.
     338will set the owl variable zsigproc. 
    341340Subroutines created with the names below will be executed at the
    346345    owl::startup()     run when owl first starts
    347346    owl::shutdown()    run when owl exits
    348     owl::format_msg()  run when a new message arrives, the return
    349                           value is used to display the message on the
    350                           screen
     347    owl::format_msg()  run to format messages when using the perl style.
     348                       The return value is used to display the message on the
     349                       screen.
    351350    owl::receive_msg() run when a message is received, and after
    352351                       it has been added to the message list
    355 The following variables will be set each time a message is recevied:
    357     $owl::class, $owl::instance, $owl::recipient,
    358     $owl::sender, $owl::opcode, $owl::zsig,
    359     $owl::msg, $owl::time, $owl::host, @owl::fields, $owl::id
     353Both owl::format_msg and owl::receive_msg are passed
     354perl owl::Message objects which contain attributes of the message.
     355Please see the advanced.txt file for further documentation
     356of the Perl extension API.
    361358The "appendtosepbar" variable may be set in owl::format_msg()
     370Command aliases allow users to create shortcuts
     371for commonly used commands.  Aliases can be created wit
     372the alias command:
     374    alias NAME VALUE
     376For example:
     378    alias zw zwrite
     380Will make "zw" an alias for the zwrite command.  As such, "zw aphacker"
     381will be expanded to "zwrite aphacker".  If the value of an
     382alias is multiple words, use of the alias will result in the alias
     383command name being replaced by the sequence of words.
     384Any arguments following the alias name will be appended
     385after the expanded alias value.  For example:
     387   alias vs view -s
     389will result in "vs standard" being expanded to "view -s standard".
     390There is not yet any way to allow an alias to take arguments
     391that will be inserted in the middle of the expansion.
     394Separating Commands
     397Multiple commands can be grouped together with parentheses
     398and then separated by semicolons.  For example:
     400   ( smartnarrow ; delete view ; expunge ; view all )
     402Will result in the four commands being executed
     403in sequence.  This is particularly useful with key bindings
     404and coommands.  For example:
     406   alias sn-delete ( smartnarrow ; delete view )
     408will create an "sn-delete" alias that will smartnarrow
     409to a view and them mark the view for deletion.
     411Using "show commands" will list all existing aliases.
     414Key Bindings
     417New key bindings may be created with the "bindkey" command.  Each key
     418binding is associated with a particular keymap which is applicable in
     419a particular context/situation.  When the key associated with a
     420binding is pressed in the right context, it will result in an owl
     421command being run.  The syntax is:
     423   bindkey <keymap> <keyseq> command <command>
     425For example:
     427   bindkey recv C-k command delete
     429will bind Control-k to the delete command, but only in the
     430recv window context.
     432Some keymaps inherit their bindings from more
     433general keymaps.  The valid keymaps are:
     435  - global            - owl-wide defaults (apply everywhere)
     436    |-edit            - all text editing and command windows
     437    |  |-editmulti    - multi-line text editing windows
     438    |  |-editline     - single-line editing and command windows
     439    |  |-editresponse - single-line responses to questions
     440    |-popless         - scrolling pop-up windows
     441    |-recv            - the main message list window
     442                        where received messages are displayed
     444The existing key bindings can be shown with "show keymaps".
     445The use of "show commands" will list all available commands.
     446Note that not all commands may be used in all contexts.
     448Key sequences may be surrounded by quotes and include
     449a sequence of keys that must be pressed in order
     450to execute the command.  For example:
     452   bindkey recv "C-s v" command view -s vt
     454will result in "Control-s" followed by "v" in the recv window
     455causing the command "view -s vt" to be run.
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