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Barnowl should display $person is typing... notifications

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Standard gchat and AIM clients display "$person is typing..." and "$person has entered text" messages when the person you are talking to {is typing,has entered text}. When you have recently exchanged personals with someone, barnowl should (optionally?) display these messages for personals with that person. Perhaps it should display it for all personals. Maybe it should display it for classes? (Maybe only when a small number of people are actively writing on that class, any you have recently posted to that class?)

Perhaps have a perl hook to configure under what conditions these messages are displayed, and have it default to personals.

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geofft proposed zephyr client hints a while ago at http://mit/geofft/Public/zephyr-hints-proposal.txt.

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This is the zephyr and/or more general case of #27.

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