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BarnOwl sometimes segfaults on $m->delete_and_expunge called from the recieveMessage hook

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If you call $m->delete_and_expunge with the object passed to the recieveMessage hook, I'm pretty sure that you either get an admin message with something like


Internal error! Non-UTF-8 string encountered: (W\xee Aug 7 05:59:16 2011


or BarnOwl segfaults. I presume this has something to do with trying to display an already-freed owl_message, but I haven't looked into it beyond noting that the error message is from owl_new_sv.

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This also happens if you call $m->delete; BarnOwl::command('expunge'); from the recieveMessage hook.

This will probably be fixed by perlmessages, and should perhaps be left alone until then.

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