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Add reply-quoted command

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Most mail clients, when you hit ctrl-r, will start composing an email back to the sender with the email you're replying to quoted for easy reference. For a chat client, this usually isn't very useful, but when a conversation has moved on since the message was sent, it is (and lots of people do it by hand).

It'd be neat if :reply-quoted on a message would start composing a reply to the current message, with the text of the current message quoted already.

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Something similar for forwarding messages (where you plausibly also want to include more of the headers, and want to send to a different place) would be sorta nice, though the UI for letting you edit the destination and the message is a little non-obvious to me. (Also, :reply-quoted, ctrl-c, up and edit destination, enter, alt-p, edit text seems much less painful than dealing with the quoting, so just :reply-quoted would mostly leave me happy.)

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I think we should consider merging this into master.

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