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Do a release

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Alejandro R. Sedeno (1):
      Recalculate topmsg when swaping the cursor and mark in the messagelist.

Alejandro R. Sedeño (3):
      Implement mark and swap.
      Error on swap when mark has not been set. Also, initialize the mark and drop a global member that I didn't use.
      Better describe recv:swapmark

Alex Dehnert (7):
      Fix comments from d73e3af3
      Display context for pings
      Include non-default class in personal_context
      Display personals better in OneLine mode.
      Add short_personal_context to IRC
      Fix replycmd to use right class/instance
      Don't zcrypt shift-R replies to zcrypted messages

Alexander W Dehnert (4):
      Improve handling of outgoing instanced personals
      Maintain instance when using shift-R on personals
      Add <message,*,%me%> to default Barnowl subs.
      Send instanced pings and give useful error messages

Anders Kaseorg (7):
      Call SvREFCNT_dec() on SV *, not void *.
      Woah!  I know strict aliasing! Replace echo with AC_MSG_NOTICE. Use $(MAKE) for submakes. Replace shell for loops with makefile patterns. add owl_perl.h to HEADERS.
      Bind the weird sequences that M-LEFT and M-RIGHT seem to actually emit.

Edward Z. Yang (1):
      Get rid of cryptic numeric messages after IRC commands.

Geoffrey Thomas (5):
      Display context for personals, so as to make <message,*,%me> usable.
      Fix an issue with the previous commit on outgoing Jabber messages.
      Don't require personals to be -i personal.
      IRC: Include IRC admin messages in the 'irc' filter.
      Display a nicer error in :blist if .anyone doesn't exist.

Karl Ramm (1):
      Makefile: Display what changed in owl_prototypes.h.

Nelson Elhage (34):
      Bump version string for development.
      do-release: Output a canned line for the trac wiki frontpage.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      locker-build: Two small fixes
      locker-build: Change the shebang line to /bin/bash
      Fix the usage line for punt/unpunt
      Enable signals, and add an interrupted flag.
      Refactor owl_handle_input to allow injecting keystrokes.
      Turn unhandled SIGINTs into fake keystrokes.
      Make ^C (really, SIGINT) interrupt searches.
      Disable keyboard SIGQUIT.
      Fix a race that could cause us to miss a SIGINT
      Disable pointer-sign warnings when building libfaim.
      aim.c: Get rid of some warnings.
      Fix handling of C-SPACE, etc.
      Display 'Mark set' when setting the mark.
      Merge branch 'mark'
      Correctly read the BARNOWL_DATA_DIR environment variable.
      Support --program-{prefix,suffix,transform}.
      scripts/locker-build: use --program-suffix instead of EXE
      Don't attempt to send a Zephyr logout if we never initialized Zephyr.
      Fix the build for 'make test'
      tester: Correct test counts.
      Build to barnowl.bin and replace 'barnowl' with a wrapper script.
      Handle errors in better.
      Break into multiple files.
      Load perl code from the filesystem at runtime.
      Allow SIGINT to interrupt getting the Zephyr buddy list
      Replace '@ISA' references with 'use base'
      Fix M-LEFT and M-RIGHT bindings.
      Export a time_t for messages to perl as 'unix_time'
      Default style: Use strftime() on unix_time
      configure: Support an explicit --with{out,}-zephyr option. Don't scan perlglue.c for declarations.

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