Contributing to BarnOwl


The developers live on class barnowl on the ATHENA.MIT.EDU zephyr realm. That's usually the fastest way to reach us. We also use the mailing list for discussion and code review. If you have an Athena account, you can add yourself directly; Otherwise, send us an email or contact to be added.

A few of us also hang out in #barnowl on, but it's not used very much.

Contributing code

Patches should be submitted in the form of pull requests via, or sent to For small changes, inline patches are fine, but for anything larger, please create a git repository somewhere (Forking on github is trivial, if you don't already have a server set up) and send us a pointer to that repository.

Commit bits

We hand out commit bits to the main barnowl repository fairly liberally, but apply a pre-commit code review policy for developers with commit bits.

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