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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#142 put :decrypt and perhaps :decrypt-all in core new enhancement major
#178 failure message from addbuddy is clobbered by inaccurate success message new defect major
#204 zpunt command should be consistent with the subscribe command new defect major
#222 Warn on weak zcrypt keys new enhancement major
#229 zcrypt: Options support, and some common enhancements new defect major
#232 BarnOwl should automatically reconnect to Zephyr new enhancement major
#235 zcrypt: mass decryption new enhancement major
#242 classlogging=on and loggingdirection=out is stupid and easy to do by mistake assigned defect major
#244 core dump in ZRetrieveSubscriptions when starting without zhm new defect major
#247 Make zpunt (optionally) write to .zephyr.subs new enhancement major
#248 Make `:sub -mumble` less confused new defect major
#253 owl_message_create_from_znotice might crash if z_opcode is NULL? new defect major
#259 Putting sub lines in .owl/startup results in confusing startup failure new defect major
#284 Reply to failed-decrypt should be crypted new defect major
#286 zcrypt truncates messages at about 4000 bytes new defect major
#5 Pseudo-logins are per-user, rather than per-login new nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor
#33 Pseudologins show the text "<uninitialized>" in log files assigned defect minor
#55 Sub to selected instances of -c filsrv new defect minor
#155 replycmd for instanced personals should put instance after user new defect minor
#162 want 'zunpunt all' new enhancement minor
#163 zpunt listing should allow for easier zunpunting new enhancement minor
#170 zwrite should fallback to unauth if tickets have expired new enhancement minor
#182 update zcrypt man page to mention AES new defect minor
#185 Barnowl should warn novices that they're not subbed to a triplet before sending new enhancement minor
#198 Recovery instructions for ticket-failed messages new defect minor
#208 Prevent accidental unencrypted writes to a class new enhancement minor
#221 Add script for generating zcrypt keys new enhancement minor
#224 zcrypt has pointless arbitrary message length restriction new defect minor
#230 zcrypt: Key file path discovery in message comment new enhancement minor
#231 barnowl filters should match Zephyr normalization rules new defect minor
#252 zcrypt: Silly memory leak new defect minor
#264 Barnowl/zwrite should dedup CC lists new enhancement minor
#265 Support @roman new defect minor
#281 No manpage for zcrypt new defect minor
#285 Misparses @i(foo @invalid() bar) new defect minor
#114 DWIM on ":sub -c sipb" new enhancement trivial
#288 Reply CC ordering leaks Perl hash randomization entropy new defect trivial
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