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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#13 :yes and :no UI suck assigned nelhage@MIT.EDU defect major
#82 BarnOwl should implement format=flowed new enhancement major
#88 OneLine mode fails on some zephyr markup new defect major
#90 Incoming tabs are misdisplayed new defect major
#119 show how far you are in a long message new enhancement major
#122 BarnOwl should (optionally) escape message formatting new defect major
#126 Allow the current message to not be in the current filter new enhancement major
#179 Intelligently (refuse to) wordwrap lists new enhancement major
#180 Paste detection in wordwrap new enhancement major
#187 The editwin should have (optional) spell check new enhancement major
#194 Tabbing at the beginning of a command with words after it adds space new defect major
#219 Horizontal scrolling with right-to-left text should DTRT new defect major
#233 BarnOwl should grow a url-minifier new enhancement major
#238 Countermeasures to prevent mixing new enhancement major
#241 Discourage sending to certain classes (reply -c $group-auto -> $group?) new enhancement major
#246 per-filter current message new enhancement major
#256 Make history more discoverable new enhancement major
#290 :suspend is dubious and should be documented as such new enhancement major
#17 Timed zpunts new enhancement minor
#29 'search -r' is very slow assigned nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor
#47 Better module dependency checking new defect minor
#69 BarnOwl fails to redraw properly on some terminals assigned nelhage@MIT.EDU defect minor
#76 Should be able to escape single quotes with backslashes new enhancement minor
#93 Command history search new enhancement minor
#112 don't render zephyr markup in non-zephyrs and non-bodies new defect minor
#116 display issues new defect minor
#118 Search matches overlapping a screen edge are not highlighted new defect minor
#153 Barnowl should display $person is typing... notifications new enhancement minor
#154 add something like viewinstance in the vein of viewclass new enhancement minor
#156 :help <command> <other stuff> should match :help <command> or emit an error new defect minor
#169 :help filter lies new defect minor
#190 Warn when AFS tickets close to expiring new enhancement minor
#195 Completion for `:set` should provide appropriate options for bool and enum variables new enhancement minor
#196 Tab completion is incorrect after `:set $variable-name ` new defect minor
#220 Pressing Tab multiple times should cycle through tab completion options that didn’t fit on the screen new enhancement minor
#228 Provide buzzfilter new enhancement minor
#249 Investigate support for bidi (Arabic/Hebrew) new defect minor
#215 PgUp/PgDn prints “already at first/last message” too eagerly new defect trivial
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