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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1 Not every barnowl user has a pony assigned nelhage@MIT.EDU defect critical
#72 OS X Unicode input gives “Unable to handle keypress” reopened defect major
#97 [DoS] DNS should be asynchronous, and cache new defect major
#183 Search should scroll through messages to match new defect major
#197 BarnOwl sometimes segfaults on $m->delete_and_expunge called from the recieveMessage hook new defect major
#205 Segfault on :multi loopwrite; loopwrite; edit:cancel; edit:cancel new defect major
#209 BarnOwl::ModuleLoader sometimes fails to load new defect major
#210 str{,n}casecmp are sometimes in <strings.h> new defect major
#211 htons() portability new defect major
#212 ncursesw portability new defect major
#223 Add reply-quoted command new enhancement major
#237 Allocate memory from a file-backed pool new geofft enhancement major
#260 blist help and behavior do not agree new defect major
#263 `:away` should trigger away status for other protocols, such as jabber new enhancement major
#291 Dumping large amounts to stderr shouldn't deadlock new defect major
#52 Support client certificates for auth new geofft enhancement minor
#84 expose away/idle functionality through perl interface (and make consistent across protocols) assigned enhancement minor
#110 Add time window to prevent repeated away messages new enhancement minor
#128 No way to delete completions new enhancement minor
#135 magic Discuss integration new enhancement minor
#141 :viewuser filters specifically on zephyr new defect minor
#157 owl_function_error segfaults if you call it too early new defect minor
#188 BarnOwl::Style::boldify sometimes fails on nested parenthetical commands new defect minor
#193 M-q (edit:fill-paragraph) should be better at finding the end of a sentence new defect minor
#225 Commands exposed in perl/lib/ should all be documented new defect minor
#240 Mode to automatically delete old messages new enhancement minor
#292 "unhandled exception in callback: Broken pipe" in :renew new defect minor
#293 Bump required version of GLib new task minor
#101 pm_to_blib is really really loud new enhancement trivial
#102 Makefile.PL spews “Cannot determine {perl version,author,license} info from lib/BarnOwl/Module/*.pm” accepted defect trivial
#164 freeze at 100% cpu under ridiculous linewrap and color-escape conditions new defect trivial
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