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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#82 BarnOwl should implement format=flowed new major ui
#119 show how far you are in a long message new major ui
#126 Allow the current message to not be in the current filter new major ui
#142 put :decrypt and perhaps :decrypt-all in core new major zephyr
#179 Intelligently (refuse to) wordwrap lists new major ui
#180 Paste detection in wordwrap new major ui
#181 Display jabber names (not just jids) new major jabber
#187 The editwin should have (optional) spell check new major ui
#201 Implement Facebook chat/messaging new major facebook
#216 Should coalesce quickly consecutive IRC messages from the same user new major IRC
#222 Warn on weak zcrypt keys new major zephyr
#223 Add reply-quoted command new major internals
#232 BarnOwl should automatically reconnect to Zephyr new major zephyr
#233 BarnOwl should grow a url-minifier new major ui
#235 zcrypt: mass decryption new major zephyr
#237 Allocate memory from a file-backed pool new geofft major internals
#238 Countermeasures to prevent mixing new major ui
#241 Discourage sending to certain classes (reply -c $group-auto -> $group?) new major ui
#246 per-filter current message new major ui
#247 Make zpunt (optionally) write to .zephyr.subs new major zephyr
#256 Make history more discoverable new major ui
#257 BarnOwl's github should send zephyrs new major meta
#263 `:away` should trigger away status for other protocols, such as jabber new major internals
#275 Twitter auto-word-wrap new major twitter
#276 Display number of twitter characters new major twitter
#277 Twitter error message should say length of message new major twitter
#278 Twitter should resolve urls new major twitter
#290 :suspend is dubious and should be documented as such new major ui
#17 Timed zpunts new minor ui
#42 Better jabber account prediction new minor jabber
#52 Support client certificates for auth new geofft minor internals
#76 Should be able to escape single quotes with backslashes new minor ui
#83 new message notification from gmail new minor jabber
#84 expose away/idle functionality through perl interface (and make consistent across protocols) assigned minor internals
#93 Command history search new minor ui
#106 Jabber auto-away message should be configurable new asedeno minor jabber
#110 Add time window to prevent repeated away messages new minor internals
#128 No way to delete completions new minor internals
#135 magic Discuss integration new minor internals
#140 Add commands to "login" and "logout" twitter accounts from in BarnOwl new minor twitter
#153 Barnowl should display $person is typing... notifications new minor ui
#154 add something like viewinstance in the vein of viewclass new minor ui
#160 IRC conversation detection doesn't detect msgs addressing multiple people new minor IRC
#162 want 'zunpunt all' new minor zephyr
#163 zpunt listing should allow for easier zunpunting new minor zephyr
#170 zwrite should fallback to unauth if tickets have expired new minor zephyr
#185 Barnowl should warn novices that they're not subbed to a triplet before sending new minor zephyr
#190 Warn when AFS tickets close to expiring new minor ui
#195 Completion for `:set` should provide appropriate options for bool and enum variables new minor ui
#208 Prevent accidental unencrypted writes to a class new minor zephyr
#214 XMPP priority should be configurable new minor jabber
#220 Pressing Tab multiple times should cycle through tab completion options that didn’t fit on the screen new minor ui
#221 Add script for generating zcrypt keys new minor zephyr
#226 barnowl should not allow line breaks in IRC messages new minor IRC
#228 Provide buzzfilter new minor ui
#230 zcrypt: Key file path discovery in message comment new minor zephyr
#240 Mode to automatically delete old messages new minor internals
#264 Barnowl/zwrite should dedup CC lists new minor zephyr
#271 Use Twitter stream API new minor twitter
#283 Module for Exchange EWS notifications new minor meta
#101 pm_to_blib is really really loud new trivial internals
#114 DWIM on ":sub -c sipb" new trivial zephyr
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